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Automate your strategy with digital marketing software

Do you want a unique software for your digital marketing process? Markitude is the answer you are looking for! This platform contains all you need to make your digital marketing strategy successful. For example:

  • Web analytics
  • Leads management
  • Email marketing
  • Business Intelligence

The digital marketing software not only integrates your processes, it enables us to share the information with CRM solutions like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce and also productivity tools like Microsoft Office 365.

why markitude digital marketing software

Multichannel digital marketing software. Why? 

This digital marketing software connects with your potential customers through different channels: web, email, mobile phone and Social Media. Withan  omnichannel solution the range of your actions is amplified as you never expected.

The variety of channels helps you to create a new user experience, a much more positive one: you connect with them through different channels, according to their needs and interests.

Data is the power: Analytics and BI in your digital marketing software

Your business and marketing data turns into information with added value due to very intuitive panels and dashboards. Have a global vision of your prospects 100% updated in real time.

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“Fantastic and appropriate tool for companies that wish to manage the customer’s journey from the first web visit to the conversion as a customer. Moreover, we have all the important data transformed in dynamic and intuitive data to make decisions in the right way.”

Toni Granell, CRM Manager at Quonext

“Markitude has transformed the way we do marketing in my company. Not only from the perspective of the platform, but also from the prism of the philosophy and strategy. Now we have a perfect solution with which we can manage the client’s experience and predict patterns and behaviours of each of our customers with.”

Carla Fernández, Marketing Manager at Lupo

“It is a magnific tool which I recommend to every company that needs to manage the digital experiences in an easy or intituive way, analyzing the customer’s behaviour at the maximun executive level. Powerful tool of content and email personalization based on the audience’s behaviour.”

Alberto Lozano de Arnilla, CEO at Diagnosalud

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